To become a dynamic organization that actively participates in the independent development of science and business, excellent and dignified, responsive and competitive in the national and international competition.


  1. Develop higher education institutions professionally to produce graduates who are qualified, have high abilities and competencies and recognized at national and international level
  2. Organizing consulting services in the fields of science, technology and business needed by private and government institutions
  3. Developing an international quality of higher education institutions in Indonesia that are recognized in the world of higher education in the national and international level
  4. Guiding changes that occur in society through business insights with moral and ethical values, and quality community service work


Struktur Yayasan Pendidikan Bakrie

Ketua Anggota Anggota

Nirwan Demawan Bakrie

Bambang Irawan Hendradi

Saptari Hoedaja

Ketua Wakil Ketua

Ratna Indira Nirwan Bakrie

Krisnaraga Syarfuan

Sekretaris Bendahara Direktur Eksekutif Pengawas


Emiria Krisnaraga Syarfu'an


Omar Luthfi Anwar


Dicky Setiawan


Tryana Syam'un